Life hacks to facilitate the change of bed linen.

Life hacks to facilitate the change of bed linen.

One of the least favorite things in our everyday life is the change of bed linen. Remember how many times you put it off for later, we think this happened to everyone. Since the bed will not change itself, catch a few life hacks from the Monhome team to simplify this unloved process.

  1. Have several sets of bed linen for one bed. Here everything is clear, one was postponed for washing, the other was dressed. Sometimes it is interesting to mix individual units of the kit with each other, combine colors and structures. You need to change bed linen once a week or two, pillowcases more often.
  2. Do not do it yourself, believe me, changing bed linen can be a fun activity. Pillow, hide in a duvet cover. Also, no one canceled the fight with pillows:) And under your favorite music it is much more pleasant to do it!
  3. Removed bedding should be ventilated, do not put it directly into the laundry box. Also, from time to time it should be done with pillows and blankets, especially with natural filling. Thanks to air cyclulation, your sleeping elements will always be fresh and dry.
  4. A fresh bedding set should match your mood, because it is so important to fall asleep and wake up in the bed that will give strength in the new day. If you want bright colors in winter, why not? Conversely, dark deep colors on summer hot days can also be. It all depends on your taste and desire. Just give it really great importance.
  5. Begin to “dress” new underwear from the sheet. If you have a mattress, we strongly recommend choosing a sheet with an elastic band according to its parameters. It is important to take into account the height of the mattress, in addition to the width and length, to be well matched Believe me, at least once you choose a sheet on an elastic band, you will not want another. It is convenient and practical. It is not necessary to always correct the sheet that comes out of the bed frame at the slightest movement.
  6. If you had a negative experience with a sheet with an elastic band (not well sat down, badly climbed on the bed or stretched an elastic band) you just came across a poor-quality product. Monhome knows how to prove the opposite:)

               7. The next stage is pillowcases. You can put a pillow directly inside the  pillowcase, first one corner, then another, or turn the pillowcase, put on one side of the pillow and put it on top.

              8. The most unloved (we are sure that this is so) part when replacing bed linen is dressing a duvet cover. Here we will offer several options for how to do this with the least effort.

    The first way:
    We turn out the duvet cover, hold both corners with our hands, we take the blanket on both sides, cover the duvet cover over the blanket, shake it and it falls along the entire length of the blanket. It remains to hide the other two corners and fasten the buttons.

    The second way:
    Turn the duvet cover inside out, straightening exactly on the bed, cover the top with a blanket so that the corners of the products exactly match. Starting from the side without a slot, twist the blanket together with a duvet tube. We put the slit of the duvet cover on the resulting “sausage”, grabbing it from two sides, from above and below the roll. We find the revealing “heart” of the design and turn the “sausage” out of the blanket and duvet cover on the front side, unwinding it. Shake the corners. Done!

    The third way:
    Plunge with a blanket inside the duvet cover. It's also a lot of fun and pretty fast:) The main thing. so that no one falls and gets confused!

              9. Scientists do not recommend making a bed immediately after waking up. Did you know about it?
    British hygienist Edge Mackenzie believes that by covering the bed immediately after we wake up, we protect bed parasites from external factors. And this can have negative consequences on our health.
    Here's what we recommend:

    •  open the window wide open, for good circulation of air into the room;
    • do not refill the blanket immediately after waking up, so that moisture evaporates from the bed;
    • сhange bed linen regularly, especially pillowcases.

    All these manipulations are worth the pleasure that we get by lying in fresh and fragrant bedding. The main thing is that you choose really high-quality and natural fabrics for your healthy sleep. With Monhome it's easy!

    Sweet and carefree dreams with MONHOME!