Should I have a flat sheet on my bed? | The Great Flat Sheet Debate

Should I have a flat sheet on my bed? | The Great Flat Sheet Debate

To flat sheet or not to flat sheet...that is the age old question we all ask when stocking up on bed threads.

At Sheets on the Monhome we're firmly in team Flat Sheets Are The Best and here's why.

#1 Seasonality

Summer Loving — perfect for when you just want a light cover in the summer. Or if you can't sleep without a sheet but don't want anything heavy!

Winter Warmth — hello additional layers. Especially in Queensland where it's a touch cooler at night but there are still moments where you don't want layers and layers of fluffy doonas on you.

#2 Styling

Folding a flat sheet down over the top edge of the doona is one of the easiest ways to add some dimension.

🤍 Styling tip: Elevate the whole room by drawing colours from artwork, flowers and other elements featured in the space.

#3 Keep It Simple

Keep your linen cupboard neat and do away with the fitted sheets. It's double flat sheets only over here! Think neatly tucked corners, every sheet equally loved, and not one fight with a fitted sheet in sight...

🤍 Styling tip: 

Our flat sheets are generous and feature our signature wide border on ALL four sides of the sheet. So show it off and let it all hang out!

Leave it draped over the bed, add a blanket and enjoy the visual warmth of layering from top to bottom. 

#4 Laundry

As in, no one likes doing it... And the best part about flat sheets is that your doonas and doona covers don't need to be washed as often as they're getting less skin contact.

If you're Team Flat Sheet you can expect to wash your doona cover every 2 weeks. If you're not, that wash cycle is running every 7 days.

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