What is Washed Cotton?

What is Washed Cotton?

Sleep is the main component of a healthy life. Our productivity and well-being depend on it. It is so important to take care of quality and natural bedding that will make your sleep as healthy and carefree as possible. That's why, a bed linen made of washed cotton is the best choice!

Washed Cotton technology — “boiled cotton” is a fabric that has undergone a special process of treatment with hot water and ecological means of the author's recipe, thanks to which it became incredibly soft, velvety to the touch, while retaining its main properties: air penetrating and hygroscopicity. 

We use this technology in our production, because it makes our fabric special. What are its advantages?

After treatment with Washed Cotton technology, linen will never change its properties after washing. It does not shine and does not slip.
Resistance to using. Cotton does not lose color after even 50 washes, because this technology ensures the durability of the material.
Such bed linen does not need to be ironed, because it has a stylish crushed effect, which complements its naturalness, thanks to the boiling process.
Resistance to pests. Cotton is not interested in pests, so the bed linen can be stored in the closet for a long time and don't worry about its pristine appearance.
Hypoallergenicity. Cotton is perfect for people with sensitive skin and prone to allergic reactions and irritations. Even for the youngest, it is the perfect material for sleeping.
Hygroscopicity. Natural cotton is able to absorb up to 30% moisture while remaining dry to the touch. That is why this fabric is so often chosen for home textiles.

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