How to Care for Your Linen Homewares and Textiles

How to Care for Your Linen Homewares and Textiles

Caring properly for your linen homewares, clothing and textiles means they’ll keep on looking beautiful and being useful for longer. Which means less expense, less waste and fewer resources used. It’s a win for you and a win for the environment!

In this post we’ll show you how to care for your linen products and get the best out of them.

Washing linen

All our linen is machine washable at cool temperatures with a mild detergent. Where stated as ‘pre-washed’ we will have washed the linen before making the product, to help prevent shrinkage. Linen gets even softer with each wash, and if you’ve bought good quality fabric it won’t be damaged as long as you follow the care instructions.

For vintage linens we recommend washing by hand in cold water with a delicates detergent.

It’s important to avoid bleach as this can damage the fibres and weaken your fabric. Luckily, linen has inherent dirt and stain-resistance so it marks less easily than other fabrics.

Drying linen

Our linen textiles can be tumble dried on a low heat. But to conserve energy we recommend hanging them out to dry. White linen will benefit from the sun’s bleaching properties, but hang darker shades out of strong sunlight to avoid fading. Linen releases moisture quickly so it takes less time to dry.

Ironing and storing linen

If you don’t want to embrace linen’s natural creases, you can iron our linen fabric and products. Just follow the care label instructions to get the right temperature.

If you’re storing linen for a long time fold or roll it neatly and put in a storage bag in a damp-free, cool place. Luckily moths don’t like eating linen so you don’t need to worry about insect damage, but a lavender bag will keep things smelling fresh.

It’s important to always check your garment’s care instructions. With the right care, linen products will keep on going for many years, becoming heirloom pieces you can pass down to the next generation. This longevity and durability adds to linen’s environmentally-friendly credentials.