Monhome Washed Cotton fabric is a result of unique & numerous experiments conducted over the past 3 years. By using our own premix of eco-friendly softeners, we obtain an incredibly soft, velvety fabric, while retaining its basic properties: reachability and hygroscopy.

Hygroscopicity and Hypoallergenicity

Natural cotton is able to absorb up to 30% of moisture while remaining dry to the touch. Cotton is suitable for people with sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions and irritations. This is the perfect material for sleeping.

Buttons from coconut bark

The buttons we use for the Monhome bed linen i are made of coconut bark. It is a natural material, so each button is unique, different in texture and shade.

Natural fabric

Washed Cotton is a fabric specially processed with our unique author's technology, making it incredibly soft and velvety to the touch, while yet retaining its fundamental properties of breathability and strength.

Organic Packaging

So rest reassured, we constantly opt for natural and eco-friendly materials. We also say a clear NO to plastics.

Healthy sleep

Sleep is the main component of a healthy life. Our productivity and well-being depend on it. We took care of quality and natural bedding, which will make your sleep as healthy and carefree as possible.